19 Hilarious Auto-Correct Fails That Show Your Phone Has A Dirty Mind

These are ducking cringe-worthy.

These days, smartphones are practically glued to our hands. Texting makes it so simple to stay in touch with people and keep conversations going. Texting apps are constantly being improved to make texting easier, sleeker and more efficient.

Most phones can finish your sentences for you to speed up the process, but anyone who has auto-correct turned on knows that sometimes your phone has no idea what you're trying to say. Almost too often, auto-correct mistakes turn seriously inappropriate. Yet, your phone still always thinks you mean ducking. 

Check out some of the most hilarious autocorrect fails of all time: 


1. She's making you eat what?

2. Ain't got no time for that.

3. You guys should go alone.

4. Tough choice.

5. Just one more.

6. Don't kill and tell.

7. You ate him.

8. Cat storage unit.

9. Poor Garry.

10. They've gotten so big.

11. Just some melted butter and circumcision.

12. It would be so cool.


14. Call you never.

15. What did she ever do to you?

16. Such a slow job.

17. Rose portals are so stereotypical.

18. Who caught fire?!

19. Have to be resourceful.

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