Simple Act Of Kindness Means The World To Mom Of Boy With Autism

Great moment for a mother and her son.

While it is common for young children to have trouble tying their shoes, it was even more difficult for Asher Carpenter of Washington.

The 5-year-old is going through testing to determine if he has autism. Meanwhile, his untied shoes were a daily struggle for him and his mother, Leslie Carpenter.

"Every single day, same thing. He'd walk off the bus with those shoes untied," Carpenter wrote in a Facebook post. "I felt at a loss. Not sure what to do, and felt heart broken every time I would see him get off the bus with his laces dangling."

The testing for autism could take more than a year. Without a formal diagnosis, Asher is unable to receive any special education classes or support from Glenwood Heights Primary School in the town of Brush Prairie.

"The school can't treat him as an autistic child," Carpenter told KGW. "They can't give him the services, they can't do all these different things that kids with that diagnosis can."


A few days ago, Asher returned from school and his mother saw something different.

Carpenter noticed that her son's shoes were tied and the shoes had special laces.

"He had these replacing them, with a note and instructions in his backpack about these special laces," Carpenter wrote on Facebook. "I teared up. I couldn't believe that someone went out of their way to help him and even found these special laces I had no clue about. I just want to thank whomever that came into Miss Lefevber's kindergarten class and did this for my Son."

She eventually discovered who was behind this random act of kindness.

Carolyn Torricelli, Asher's occupational therapist, provided the special laces. She also received help from the staff at the school.

"That's wild, I think it's great! I didn't expect it and I do appreciate the story. It really touched my heart," Torricelli said to KGW.

Ever since getting the special laces, Asher is reportedly happier and more confident.

"I'm not the only one raising Asher, there are a lot of people raising him," Carpenter said to KGW. "To have somebody care that much to go above and beyond is a beautiful thing." 

(H/T: KGW)


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