Carly, Teen With Severe Autism, Showed The World What It Felt Like, But No One Saw Her Incredible Breakthrough Years Prior

The power of a keyboard.

You may remember 19-year-old Carly Fleischmann as the young woman who particpated in an ad to show what it was like to live with autism. But her journey to share her message with the world began long before that.

In this ABC exclusive from 2012, we see Carly as an 11-year-old girl with severe autism, oral-motor apraxia and cognitive delay. No one thought she knew what was going on around her. That is, until they put a computer in front of her.

Turns out, Carly knew more than anyone could have ever imagined. Not only did she star in the awareness video that went viral, but she also co-published a book with her father. It's called Carly's voice.

Check out how Carly first communicated her world to us above.


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