Author's Tweet Perfectly Shows Why Test Scores Are Not An Indication Of Success

"Random House published my sixth book last week."

As students, most all of us are required to take standardized tests throughout our time at school. And while these scores might mean something to the district, they are not necessarily reflective of who the test taker is and their intelligence level or potential. This point was driven home by author Alexandra Penfold, who recently took to Twitter to post a self-evaluation and a state test from the fourth grade.  

"I love to write and I hope to become an author someday," it says in the photo. In contrast, the state test gave her a score of four out of eight on her holistic writing sample and deemed she was "minimally proficient in writing."  


Penfold captioned the tweet, "Random House published my sixth book last week."

She is a New York Times bestselling children's book author and literary agent. Shortly after she shared the tweet, her latest book, All Are Welcome, was on the second spot of the New York Times bestseller list.

She is living proof that a test score does not have to define you.  In her tweet, she makes this clear by using the hashtag #MoreThanATest. She also encouraged others to share her story so more people will hopefully put their test scores into perspective.

Other Twitter users — including fellow authors — are sharing how their lives also aren't defined by their test scores. 

Some teachers are sharing their frustrations about the culture surrounding test scores.

Other teachers are asking if they can share Penfold's story with their students to let them know their value and goals shouldn't be determined by state test scores.

Many commenters are also discussing how encouragement can make such a difference, especially to children in school.

(H/T: PopSugar)


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