When This Guy Planned To Pop The Question, He Probably Didn't Expect This

He was recovering from a spinal cord injury.

Adrian Gardiner of Healesville, Australia planned to surprise his girlfriend Libbi Taite with a marriage proposal outside of her new hair salon, but things didn't go quite as planned.

Taite was so preoccupied with readying her shop for business, that she failed to notice her loving beau for a full two minutes.


That wouldn't have been so bad, except Mr. Gardiner had suffered a broken back just a few days before.

The Daily Mail reported Mr. Gardiner had broken one of his vertebrae during a trampoline accident at Ms. Taite's daughter's 10th birthday party.

Thankfully, the couple bounced back. See the touching conclusion below:

Things don't always go as planned, whether it's on a trampoline or during a marriage proposal. What's important is to be able to adapt to changing situational demands, just like this fellow did.

And if he didn't know that his wife-to-be is capable of giving her undivided attention to her projects and passions, he sure knows now. 

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