The Perfect Response To Casual Intolerance? Buy Them A Pot Of Tea.

"I could have unleashed a tirade of abuse but that wouldn't have helped."

No matter how uncomfortable, calling out racist behavior is imperative to creating dialogue. But one man from Perth, Australia, managed to do so in perhaps the most cordial way yet — with an offer of a pot of tea.

In a viral Facebook post, Jarred Wall shared a photo of the receipt for said pot of tea on Thursday. His caption explained that he and a friend had gone out for lunch when they overheard two elderly ladies next to them "chatting about aboriginals." He wrote:

The conversation was less than distasteful [sic] with words like assimilation thrown around willy nilly. I could have unleashed a tirade of abuse but that wouldn't have helped. Instead, I did something nice and bought them a pot of tea and left a little note on the receipt. Maybe these ladies will be a little wiser and think before they speak. Hopefully there won't be a next time! 

The note he wrote read, "Enjoy the tea! Compliments of the 2 aboriginals sitting next to you on table 26 :)."


Wall's post has been shared more than 2,500 times on Facebook, and many commenters have lauded his kind, measured response. 

Wall told Mashable that he initially shared the post only with his friends, then made it public when he noticed how people were reacting to it. 

"They were elderly ladies, I didn't want to humiliate anyone or cause conflict," he told the website. "Whether they took it in and really had a think about it I'll never know, but they were at least a little shocked and might think next time they speak out loud."

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