Australian Couple Restoring A French Chateau Takes Us All On A Journey

We can't even say 'magic' because it's real!

If there's one place on earth where fairy tales exist, it's France.

Hidden in the Midi-Pyrénées, surrounded by hills and forests, this 18th century mansion has been sitting on the market for four years waiting for a potential buyer.

Last year, the Chateau de Gudanes was purchased by a Australian husband and wife  Karina and Craig Waters. Not hesitant of the decaying interior, the couple started renovating the house and decided to make it a public experience through their blog and Instagram.


Chateau de Gudanes in all its glory.

Building permit granted.

Restoration begins.

Chateau in the winter.

Wonderfully painted ceiling discovered after removing the white plaster.

A beautiful view to the mountains.

The mysterious road leading to the mansion.

Karina loves to go second-hand shopping. Her ancient service.

The spiral stairs go three levels up to a glass dome in the turret.

Century old mansion slowly taking back its shape.

The new "gardeners."

Guests visiting the chateau.

The front salon.

Local cats make themselves welcome.

To stay in the loop with Karina, Craig and their beautiful French mansion, visit their blog and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

(H/T: Messy Nessy Chic)

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