This Australian Couple Got Engaged On A Metro Train Right In The Middle Of A Busy Morning Commute

"We have two of our regular commuters with us today... Ryan has a special question he'd like to ask Hannah..."


Romance is not only alive and well, but it's in carriage four of a Metro train in Melbourne, Australia.

That's where Ryan Jacka proposed to his girlfriend, Hannah Dittrich. The couple met on the train ten years ago, so Jacka felt it only fitting to begin the rest of their lives together where their love story began. 'We were catching the same carriage at the same time every day and would say hi to each other,' Dittrich told The Daily Mail Australia

Catching Dittrich offguard as she rested her eyes on the couple's morning commute, the train conductor came over the intercom and said, "Now, I have a special announcement this morning. This mostly concerns passengers towards the middle of the train, specifically in carriage four. We have two of our regular commuters with us today — Hannah and Ryan... and today Ryan has a special question he'd like to ask Hannah." 

Hmmm... wonder what it could be...

As other stunned commuters looked on, Jacka asked, "Will you marry me?" After ten years and countless train rides together, there was only one answer: "Yes." The couple then embraced and kissed as the other passengers cheered and congratulated them. 

The Metro Train's official Twitter account, @metrotrains, posted the original video in two parts, which have since received a combined 5,000 likes and retweets. 

Now, as the happy couple rides (the train, of course) off into the sunset to plan their wedding, only one question remains: who's going to adapt their adorable love story into a Nora Ephron-style romantic comedy?


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