Insane Footage Of A Monster Shark Scared The Beejezus Out Of These Aussie Anchors

Holy hell.

The high seas is a vast body of mystery. There are whole lifeforms in the deep, dark waters that human beings have no clue about. 

But the creatures we do know about can be terrifying. After watching footage of a giant shark launching itself from the water and crashing back in, two Australian anchors, Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson, were utterly dumbstruck.


But the best part is the few words they muttered in response.

"I am never going back in the water," Stefanovic, who became known across the world for wearing the same suit for a year to highlight sexism in the media, said. "That's it. That's the biggest thing I've ever seen!" 

The slow-motion clip was plucked from a Discovery Channel special about great whites, and their reaction really says it all about how incredible — and incredibly terrifying — nature can be. 

Watch their hilarious reactions here:


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