Spot-On Video Pokes Fun At Ladies Who Are Overly Concerned With Their Hair

Ditch the drama.

A girl's relationship with her hair is a complicated thing. Sometimes, ladies can feel overwhelmed -- and proceed to go overboard. 

According to hair care company Aussie Hair Products, these are the #hairprobs women experience daily:

"Women run late an average of one day per week due to hair drama;

Women spend 20 minutes per day on their hair, translating to a full work week each year;

40% of women under 40 cried at least once over their hair in the past six months;

7% percent of women admit to avoiding getting intimate altogether to preserve their hair style."

Consequently, seven women out of 10 are "missing out on life," as Aussie puts it, just because they are worried about their hair. 

To outline the absurdity of it all and encourage ladies to "ditch the drama," the company has made a hilarious video featuring Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey of the popular web series "Shit Girls Say."


Per company's press release, their video is "designed to spark conversation around how complex hair routines can get in the way of living life to the fullest." 

Are you willing to "ditch the drama," or are you already living drama-free? Let us know.

(H/T: AdweekBusiness Wire)

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