Man Tells The Story Of The Aurora Shooting Survivor He Fell In Love With — In One Incredible Proposal Video

More important than the proposal is her journey to get her life back after the 2012 Aurora, CO massacre.

On July 20, 2012, a man open fired on a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Among the people shot was Bonnie Kate, who suffered a gunshot wound to the knee, but survived. 

She has since recovered and her now-husband, Max Zoghbi, created a video to tie the worst moment of her life with the best. 

He made a film documenting her journey to recovery, which just so happens to include the elaborate proposal he planned for her. The beginning of her happy ending starts in the place it almost ended: a movie theater. 

"Just seeing her soldier on everyday and dealing with me and my ridiculousness, I wanted to do something that was an expression of who I was, a filmmaker, a hopeless romantic goofball," Zoghbi told ABC news.

They married last May, but last month, Zoghbi unveileved their story of faith and hope — virtues that he and his survivor wife share.

(H/T: ABC)


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