Audrey Just Came Out As Transgender on 'Big Brother' And The Houseguests' Reactions Were Perfect

This is how coming out should go always go

Big Brother is known for its eclectic mix of personalities and contestants from all walks of life. Sometimes, that can lead to beautiful friendships. But let's be real, it more often produces a ton of conflict (especially in an environment where no one can trust each other). So when fans first heard that a transgender houseguest would be included this season, they were worried about the potential negative reactions that her fellow competitors could have. But when Audrey told the Big Brother housesguests that she is transgender during their very first interaction, it went remarkably well.

Even though some identify as conservative, everyone in the cast was all extremely welcoming and supportive. Audrey shared how her conservative family initially attempted to change her gender identity, before eventually accepting her for who she is. Her fellow competitor Shelli commented that she's glad to have met Audrey, while James said that he could relate to her, because he's also faced adversity as an Asian person growing up in Texas.

It's beautiful to see such a positive and accepting cast this season, especially after 2013's notoriously prejudiced group, who became known for their racist and homophobic slurs. Austin summed it up best when he said, "Most people can't even accept who they are, and for you to just come out and say it, it's amazing."

Of course, this is Big Brother. Pretty soon the goodwill will fade and the houseguests will get down to plotting and scheming for their chance at $500,000. But the fact that season 17 started off on this lovely note is a good sign of things to come.


Image credit: CBS


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