15 Unexpectedly Attractive Things

You'll be surprised at what some people like.

There's a huge array of things that people find sexy: that's a given. Sometimes, however, there are things that are attractive to someone that aren't obviously "sexy." That's what one Redditor found out when he asked what turns people on. He got some really fun and interesting answers. 

Here are some of the things that people find attractive. You might be a bit surprised at them... But if you are, it might be because you find yourself agreeing. 


1. Eye contact.

"When he meets my eyes and holds my gaze."

2. Shyness.

"When girls are shy or bashful. If a girl sort of blushes and smiles while talking to me..." - DreadedKanuk

3. Lip biting.

"When girls bite their lip and do that sexy look." - Orangeprototype

4. Intelligence.

"If I can talk to the person and not have to ever explain wtf I'm saying, I know I can be with that person. I'm simply immediately attracted to someone I can have any kind of conversation of about, from silly to advanced scholastic. They need to have a magnificent and clever sense of humor as well, however. Just being smart isn't enough." - Koopa_on_Wallstreet

"The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart." - Ashton Kutcher

5. Optimism.

"I'm a big fan of optimism. If a girl is optimistic, there is a good chance that she's a good person to be around." - Overdriver18

6. Passion.

"I love when a guy is an expert at something and talks about it with intense zeal. It's so much fun being around someone who isn't afraid of sharing their passions, no matter how nerdy, obscure, or unusual." - musicalrapture

"Not afraid to be openly passionate about the things they love. Especially nerdy things." - getinthetardis

7. Listening.

"When she listens to me is willing to let me listen to her. Honestly, being able to tell someone anything and that person being able to tell you anything is a level of emotional intimacy I feel I need in a relationship." - Rayquaza2233

8. Forearms.

"I love it when men wear their professional button-up shirts and roll up the sleeves half-way up their forearms. Their forearms are just so attractive, especially the way their forearm merges into their wrists. ...Random I know but I can't help it!" - qitamisrya

9. Glasses.

"I call this my Harry Potter syndrome. I never like glasses until I read that book, and now glasses make everyone x10 more attractive." - CarolineTurpentine

"I keep telling my gf that glasses are sexy as hell, but she won't ever wear them." 

10. Gentlemen.

"Gentlemen. Holding doors, opening doors... Offering to cook a meal instead of take us out for dinner..." - zmurfette

Told you so

11. Sundresses.

"A sundress does wonderful things." - TheBlackBrotha

Gotta agree here.

12. Suits.

"Any man who wears a suit is instantly more attractive. It's like lingerie on us women, a well tailored suit is amazing." - Brokenpheonix

13. Stubble.

"I love stubble and/or five o'clock shadows on guys. Nine times out of 10 I'll swoon instantly." - jenicindy

14. Sweaters.

"Overly large/baggy knit sweaters. Especially in fall."

15. Talents. Hobbies.

"Playing sports, a musical instrument, having a hobby in general." - zmurfette

There's someone for everyone.

That's the great thing about love: No matter what your "thing" is or what turns you on, in a world of 7,000,000,000 people, you're bound to find at least ONE person that finds you wildly attractive.

What's really interesting about these answers is that no one really said anything like "incredibly chiseled features" or "size 0 in clothes." Most of the things mentioned were personality and character traits like optimism and intelligence or they were behaviors: things you can do to be more attractive. The things you can do boil down to being attentive to someone else: listen to them, make eye contact, behave generously... Treat them as you want to be treated.

Those things will last long after looks fade and sweaters unravel. 

What do you find most attractive in a person? Please let us know in the comments below and share this with your friends.

*Cover photo via serdjophoto / Shutterstock.


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