New Parents Sum Up The Very Serious Issue Of Postpartum Support In America In A Very Funny Way

"The point is not that breastfeeding can be hard."

Being a new parent is tough, and feeling sleep-deprived and mentally drained while you're trying to figure out a million things certainly doesn't help. Some new parents have the assistance of nearby friends and family, though this is not the case for all. But regardless of if they have help or not, most new parents would appreciate extra professional postpartum support.

Catfish's Nev Schulman and his partner, Laura Perlongo, understand firsthand why such care is needed as they just welcomed their daughter, Cleo, into the the world in October 2016. To highlight the importance of breastfeeding and postpartum support, they made a video for ATTN.


On the subject of breastfeeding, Perlongo makes it clear that the issue isn't only about the actual process, but is a combination of things. She explains, "The first week after giving birth to Cleo, I was in tears ... The point is not that breastfeeding can be hard, but there are a million other challenging things about having a baby, especially in the first few weeks."

Schulman states that typically in America, a new family's only postpartum professional care is one doctor's visit a month and a half after birth.

This is in stark contrast to places like the Netherlands and Germany where they have access to in-house care as part of their basic healthcare plans.

This is such an important point given that infant mortality rates and cases of postpartum depression in countries with more support are much lower.

Since the video was posted on November 29, it already has a staggering 15 million views. Other parents are also commenting on their experiences with postpartum care.

Some have spoken out about the challenges they faced with the current system. One commenter said, "I had trouble breastfeeding 27 years ago and was made to feel awful. The nurses were really harsh and made me feel stupid. I finally bottle fed because of being so depressed and physically not being able to. I agree having someone to help you through being a new mother is a great idea and could really help some of the new mothers with many issues."

(H/T: ATTN:)


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