Short Film Challenges Those Big Questions That Cannot Be Answered

"That the most important parts of our life can be and often are unknown."


Following their first short film, AWAY, the filmmakers at Convolv have released their second work on July 20, Atoms of Uncontrollable Silence. 

"Atoms was inspired from a place in my mind that desired to understand and answer the questions that couldn't be answered or understood," director Zach Zombek tells A Plus in an email. 

"For a good portion of my life I would trivialize anything I couldn't wrap my head around. I was sort of bound to a headspace of purely what I could understand. I wanted to challenge that with this film. That the most important parts of our life can be and often are unknown."

Zombek explained his process for the project was about creating in a moment, which was done by focusing on visuals, sound, and building a 360 degree, one-room set to capture every aspect of their idea. 

Throughout the film, special effects depict two mesmerizing studies of science: "the far reaches of space [and] the micro-realm of a virus ridden blood sample," in addition to the intense reaction that occurs when the two studies experience simultaneous change.

"When change starts to creep into their studies in huge ways, we're able to witness their reaction to that. That change, or 'alteration' as it's stated in the film, is so incredibly extensive that these characters reactions are limited," Zombek says. "There's not much, or anything at all, that they can do. Not even so much as to speak ... which is where 'uncontrollable silence' comes from."

Zombek continues: "I hope people take away one simple thing: that what you don't understand doesn't have to be trivialized. The world is already trivialized enough, I think. A common reaction to the unknown is to have hostility towards it ... Understanding is huge. I hope people can watch this film and feel how important the unknown can be."

Zombek says that for him, filmmaking is about learning, growing, and delegation. Moreover, amateur filmmakers are faced with a whole realm of knowledge to be discovered about their craft, similar to the theme of the film.

Others who worked on Atoms of Uncontrollable Silence include (but are not limited to) producer Andrew McGivern, cinematographer Christian O'Keefe, production designers Keefe, Zombek, and Anthony Gomez and sound recordist Andrew Paul. 

Together, they've created an incredible film that's sure to captivate, inspire, and entertain the imaginative mind of all those watching. 

Be sure to check out the full film above.


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