This Tiny Device Can Prevent Sexual Assault. Here's How.

A safety measure worth considering.

Every 107 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted, according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network organization. That's an average of 293,066 victims, ages 12 or older, each year. 

Women shouldn't have to modify their lives or carry something to protect themselves, but these jarring statistics show that, at least for right now, it can't hurt. That's why ROAR For Good, a company dedicated to empowering women and reducing assaults, has developed a tiny device called Athena. 


Athena is a wearable device that can help protect women against assault.

The device is about the size of a half dollar and easily clips to clothes or accessories. With the push of a button, Athena emits a loud alarm and sends messages to your loved ones with your location. 

It works by connecting to the ROAR mobile app. In the app, a user can set up an account and add emergency contacts that they want the device to text if they're in danger. These contacts don't need to have the app installed for texts to reach them. 

Athena also features a silent mode that will send the text messages without sounding the alarm. 

ROAR For Good is currently crowdfunding for Athena on Indiegogo, and are already experiencing amazing success. In less than 48 hours after launch, the campaign reached its goal of $40,000. It's currently raised over $180,000, and is available for $75 pre-orders that are scheduled to ship in May. 

What's more, 10 percent of the proceeds from every Athena sold will go to the One Love Foundation, an organization that works to teach teens and college students about relationship violence. 

"Building these self defense tools or safety tools, to us, is kind a short term strategy," Athena cofounder Yasmine Mustafa told Mashable. "The whole idea is educating young children on what constitutes a healthy relationship with the goal of not needing these devices one day."

To learn more about this preventative device, check out the video below:

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