They're Only Making 24 Of These Aston Martins. Are There 24 James Bonds?

It looks like the perfect car for a superhero... or villain.

It's called "Vulcan" and it's stunning.


If you're one of the lucky people who gets to own this car... all we can say is, would you mind giving us a lift? We'll spring for the gas money. 

Ready for the big reveal?

Aston Martin is calling it the most extreme supercar they've ever made. And there will only be 24 in the whole world.

The only thing more impressive than arriving in this car is driving away, while the flames blow out the back. Yes, we said flames.

There's just one thing we can't figure out, though. Why is everyone staring at the other car behind it?

Aston Martin's other new car stole the show. The DBX is their first ELECTRIC, four-seater, all-wheel-drive vehicle.

Referring to it as a sports crossover, the company says they made this car for a wider audience. (We guess for more than 24 people.) 

The features are just, if not more, interesting than the Vulcan.  

Sleek-looking solar panels collect energy.

Forget the rearview mirror. In its place is a camera synced with a screen on the dashboard.

Check out the two big reveals in the video below, by The Verge. 

Hmmm, we can't decide which we like better. Which car would you choose?


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