11 People Share The Sweetest Things Their Pets Have Done

"He had been watching the door for two hours, fighting falling asleep until I got home. Melted my heart."

From comforting us when we're sad, to greeting us at the front door when we get home, our pets really do the sweetest things. 

And pets have been shown to be good for our mental health, too: according to the Mental Health Foundation, dogs, for example, are particularly good at getting us to exercise, which can be good for those with depression. Additionally, spending time with our pets, petting them, etc., can help relax the mind. Mental Health Foundation reports that "caring for a pet also gives your day purpose and reward, and a sense of achievement. It also helps you feel valuable and needed." Pets offer companionship, can help those with ADHD and autism, and beyond.

Recently, Reddit user tpphypemachine posed this question on Ask Reddit: "What's the sweetest thing your pet has done?" and the responses remind us just how important our pets are, and how much we should appreciate the time we have with them. 

One person, for example, shared how their dog forfeited its hatred for water to (pretend) rescue another:

"No matter how we tried to entice him, we couldn't get our golden retriever to come in the pool. One day my mom starts splashing around playing like she's drowning, saying 'Help!' and my dog jumped right in and tried to pull her out of the water. After that, he discovered he loved the pool."

So whether you're a current pet owner, have fond memories of your past pets, or are thinking about adopting your first, check out these sweet stories below.


1. The dog that ended a nightmare.

2. The dog that created its own language.

3. The dog that takes care of the 'hurt' spot.

4. The pet that brings their favorite toy.

5. The dog that stayed to comfort another dog.

6. The dog that learned to love the pool.

7. The dog that tried to cheer up its sick owner.

8. The dog that helped its owner with restless legs.

9. The cat that sneezed politely.

10. The cat that welcomed the new baby.

11. The dog that waited up all night.

Cover photo by Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock.com


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