These 'Wow, I'm Officially An Adult Now' Moments Prove Growing Up Isn't Easy

"... I started to write my mother's name in it, but then I remembered that "the mother" was actually me."

No matter how hard we try to defy the clock, we can't avoid growing up. Yet, while we may reach legal adulthood at age 18, crossing that threshold numerically and crossing that threshold mentally don't always happen simultaneously. One Reddit user recently asked the online community what moment made them realize "wow, I'm an adult now," and their responses did not disappoint.

After all, you know you're an adult ...


1. When you no longer feel invincible and just want everyone to get home safely.

2. When you start browsing home improvement stores for fun.

3. When you decide you'd rather be part of the solution, not the problem.

4. When you are now the "mother" on that emergency contact form.

5. When you stand up for what's right when you see others doing something wrong.

6. When other adults treat you like an adult so their kids will learn to respect their elders.

7. When you want your mommy, but you live on your own and have to take care of yourself.

8. When you find yourself getting excited over the most mundane household purchases.

9. When you finally get to eat ice cream for breakfast without facing any repercussions.

10. When you realize that you'll never truly feel like an adult no matter how hard you try.

Cover image via  gpointstudio / Shutterstock


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