17 Of Your Most Pressing Back-To-School Questions, Answered

"What did you worry about as a freshman that turned out to be no big deal?"

The start of a new school means new academic challenges, new experiences, new friendships, and more. But there are also a bunch of unknowns: What classes will you take? How will you stay organized? Where will you live? 

For anyone who is a soon-to-be student, Reddit user TheJackal8 started a megathread on Ask Reddit asking people to post all of their school-related questions. Many responded with their best tips and advice, hoping to make others have an easier transition from summer to school. 

Check out some of the top questions and answers below:


1. "First apartment / moving tips?"

2. "I never really learned how to study for stuff. Does anyone have tips?"

3. "I'm going to a pretty highly ranked university, and I feel like I know absolutely nothing. Any tips for dealing with imposter syndrome or college life in general?"

4. "Non-math majors, what suggestions do you have for an instructor of math general education courses that can make them less stressful and more enjoyable for the student?"

5. "My [dorm room] is gonna be very small, any tips on how to make the space work?"

6. "How do I wash my clothes?"

7. "When thinking about unnecessary school supplies, what's the most useful purchase you've made?"

8. "I’m starting high school this year, anything I should know?"

9. "What were your experiences at smaller colleges vs. larger colleges? What did you like about your class size?"

10. "Can I still make new friends as a senior in college?"

11. "What did you worry about as a freshman that turned out to be no big deal?"

12. "What are some good things I can put in care packages for new freshmen?"

13. "Any advice for a freshman who’s commuting to college?"

14. "I’ll be leaving for college around the 24th. Is there any small but useful stuff I should buy?"

15. "Going to a out of state college ... [any] tips for how to get the most out of college and not be to lonely or homesick?"

16. "What advice do you have for a 14-year-old going in to 9th grade this year? What did you wish you knew or did at that age?"

17. "How do I make quality friends at a new school?"

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