11 People On The Kindest Thing A Complete Stranger Has Done For Them

I lost my wallet, no cards, but full of cash [...] Some lovely stranger found it, mailed it back to me, didn’t touch the cash [...] "

Over the years, we've celebrated people for their incredible acts of kindness, such as a woman who raised money for their favorite Walgreens employee, a woman who delivered a coat to a man in the cold, and a man who gave his shoes to someone in need

To find out how others have been affected by a random act of kindness, one Reddit user asked the community: "What's the most amazing thing a complete stranger has done for you?" People responded with all kinds of stories of kind acts they'd received at some point in their lives that they've held onto forever. 

For example, one person shared that after leaving a coffee shop in a rush, sans coffee, a total stranger managed to pick up a cup for them and hand it off on the bus. Another person shared a story about receiving blood from a stranger to help cure her leukemia. Someone else talked about a stranger who stepped in to pay for their meal at a restaurant. 

Overall, these stories prove that a kind act, no matter how big or small, has the power to truly change someone's day, their year, and maybe even their life. For this reason, we should all strive to help those we can.

Check out more stories below:


1. The person who gave someone a place to live.

2. The person who donated their blood.

3. The person who offered their napkins.

4. The person who paid for a stranger's breakfast.

5. The person who helped comfort another.

6. The person who offered their number.

7. The person who returned a wallet.

8. The person who lent a hand.

9. The bus driver who offered a ride.

10. The person who offered their car.

11. The person who helped another grieve.

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