Ever Wondered What It's Like Being Polyamorous? Ask These People

Would you try this type of relationship?

Have you ever considered a polyamorous relationship?

People might stray away from the idea for religious reasons, or as a matter of personal preference. Maybe sometimes they just don't really understand what polyamory means or involves. 

Well, for those interested in learning about this type of "untraditional" relationship, let's start with the definition:


Those who practice polyamory are adamant about differentiating themselves from cheaters or polygamists, because polyamory is not about betrayal or religion. 

It is about open communication, ensuring all parties involved are comfortable, and consenting to having multiple partners, and their partners having partners.

Sounds kinda complicated, huh? 

Well, in the Buzzfeed video below, some real polyamorous people give an explanation that actually make it all sound quite simple. 

The polyamorous people featured in the video answer the questions of curious viewers about what it's like to have multiple partners, and why they have chosen this type of relationship. 

Questions like, "Why isn't one person enough?", "What's the biggest tool to making polyamory work?" and "How do you deal with jealousy?" are answered to help us understand polyamory a little better. 

But the video ends with one important message from a participant who says, "Figure out who you are, and stay true to it. Don't try to change, and don't try to change other people." 

Amen, sister. Amen.


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