People Were Asked To 'Label' Asians By Their Country Of Origin. Things Got Awkward To Say The Least.


Chris, an Anthropology grad student at University of Wisconsin, recently pointed out an interesting fact to his buddies at, a video production company.

"You know there are studies that show white people can tell the difference between Asian food but not Asian people," he's quoted as saying on's YouTube page.

Well of course these things need to be tested. On camera. So here goes.


Test #1: Labeling food.

The crew behind asked a bunch of their friends to label food by their country of origin. 

Could you tell which dish was Vietnamese and which one was Korean? These folks are actually doing quite well.

Not too shabby!

But to their surprise, there was another test awaiting. And things were about to get really awkward.

Test #2: Asian people.

Participants were asked to do the same thing they did with food, but with people. 

"OK, look how smiley he is, I'm thinking of our friend, our mutual Asian friend that we have, who is Chinese," says one of the girl while trying to explain her reasoning behind thinking that a guy was Chinese. "He's very smiley. And he's so positive."

Hmm. Not sure how legit that is as an argument.


Watch the entire video below.

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