Ashton Kutcher And Mark Cuban Make A Splash Together On 'Shark Tank'

"Finally a water sport I might be able to be good at."

Last night on "Shark Tank," Ashton Kutcher appeared as special guest investor.


As a founder of companies such as A Plus, and investor in companies such as Uber and Airbnb, Kutcher makes for a viable opponent in the waters of The Tank. While on the show, he decided to invest in water sports company Slyde Handboards — a decision that speaks to his love of partnering with entrepreneurs.

"I'm inspired by anyone who has the guts to try to create something that other people can appreciate. People who are willing to look doubt in the eyes and exact certainty," he told A Plus in an interview.

Overall, there were four different companies that had a chance to pitch their product to the investors and Kutcher. 

The first one up was a company called Petnostics. It created an app and a cup that can read how healthy your pet is from a urine sample.

Kutcher thought there was a market, but was a little unsure about the collection process, commenting, "You have to let the dog piss in your hand." This wasn't going to be the company he shelled out the money for.

However, there was interest from other sharks.

While Robert Herjavec just enjoyed playing with Austin, Kevin O'Leary and Lori Greiner decided to invest $300,000 for 20 percent of the company.

Before the next company presented, Barbara Corcoran took us behind the scenes of her Cabo San Lucas retreat, where she informed us her companies have made $62 million.

The next company to present was a headphone company called Frends.

The company allows you to customize your headphones, but Ashton didn't think they had their "stuff" together and decided to back out.

The other Sharks also had some questions about the companies valuation and sales, deciding to back out as well.

The next company to present was popSLATE

It makes an iPhone case that turns the back of your phone into something along the lines of an e-reader. Instead of displaying only books, the screen can display pictures, sports scores, an e-wallet, and more.

While a very interesting idea, Ashton didn't like the fact it was dependent on Apple and only being made for iOS. The price point was also too high, he felt, for mass appeal.

The last company to present was a company called Slyde Handboards.

It was founded by Steve Watts and his fiancée, Angela Ferendo. In fact, they are so dedicated to their company that they put off their wedding to spend the money on developing their product.

"In normal deals, it's a very deep process. On 'Shark Tank,' you have to follow your gut a lot more because the deals are moving quick and you don't have a ton of time to diligence," Ashton told A Plus. "So what I was looking at in this scenario was pure grit of the founders. If they were willing to defer their wedding to support their company they obviously want to win... bad.  I like that." 

While Ashton felt he had zero experience in water sports products, he felt he had the online space to help market the "cool" product. 

Therefore, he decided to ask Mark Cuban if he would go in with him, since he already owns a company called Tower Paddle Boards and has the knowledge to get Slyde Handboardsoff the ground.

They decided to offer $200,000 for 25 percent of the company.

Watts and Ferendo thought it was too much equity and countered that they would accept an offer for 20 percent.

While Kutcher and Cuban thought it over, O'Leary offered to marry them, along with $200,000 for 15 percent and Robert offered the same, without the marriage certificate.

That's when "The Dream Team" jumped back in to make another counter.

This time, they offered 22 percent and Slyde Handboards accepted! Needless to say, Ashton was very happy and even did a dance.

Now Ashton can finally have some fun in the ocean, too.

Slyde Handboards are available on Amazon Exclusives.

Slyde Handboards is also offering 15 percent off to celebrate the investment on "Shark Tank."

You can catch a clip below:

You can watch this episode of Shark Tank on and Hulu.


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