Ashton Kutcher Asked These People Not To Touch Their Phones. Here's How Long They Lasted.

How long could you last? #PhoneLove

In the world of mobile technology, our relationships with our phones are paramount. And a new experiment from Motorola seems to prove the love is more real than we may want to admit.

As Motorola launches their new Moto X family of devices, they've teamed up with Ashton Kutcher to help explore and ultimately solve the issue of "phone love."

"People talk about this notion of being addicted to your phone," Kutcher told A Plus. "But there is a study that came out that said people's feelings towards their phones are more akin to love than addiction. They're actually in a full blown relationship with their phone."

And that relationship may be getting a lot better. Motorola's new Moto X series will have features such as a shatterproof screen, Moto Voice (which allows you to command your phone without touching it), an antenna that isn't affected when you hold it in your hand and even "turbo charging" that can give you hours of battery life in 15 minutes. Your relationship with your phone may look quite different in the near future.

"In a good relationship whoever you're in a relationship with or — in this case — whatever you're in a relationship with, actually gives back to you on an equal plane that you give to it," Kutcher said. "I don't think before now our phones were treating us right."

The one-sided relationship has gotten so bad people will even look at their phones when there is nothing there, Kutcher further noted.

"Phones are almost like the new refrigerator... you know how you walk up to the fridge and you open it and look and you stare in the for a couple minutes and you don't actually take anything out?" Kutcher said. "Phones have almost become like the refrigerator,  there are times when we open our phones and look at our phones and we're not even looking any anything... we don't actually do anything." 

Armed with that information, Kutcher and Motorola want to change the stagnant relationship. But first, they needed to know how long people could actually go without touching their phones. In the experiment below, after being told explicitly not to touch their phones, we find out. 

"It was a pretty crazy trip how willing people were to break the simple rule of the experiment: keep your hands in the circle," Kutcher said.


Take a look at it for yourself:


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