Watch Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Put ‘The Bachelorette’s’ Guys Through The ‘Husband Material Test’

“I knew on day one.”

Last night's episode of The Bachelorette started off with a surprise when star Rachel Lindsey brought along some A-list friends, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, to help determine which of this season's suitors were actually "husband material." Kutcher and Kunis put the guys to the test and — of course — were pretty adorable in the process, too.

The couple said they were "huge fans of the show" and called it their "guilty pleasure" each week. "Monday nights for us are white wine, vodka tonic, and turn on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette," they revealed, adding that they even watch Bachelor in Paradise, too.

Kutcher and Kunis said they were fans of Lindsay and called the show's producers to see if they could help out this season to help the first-ever Black Bachelorette find "a partner in life and in love." They actually set the bar pretty low, asking the guys if they had jobs and health insurance.


To help Lindsay determine which guys were in it for the long haul, the very excited celebrity guests unveiled an obstacle course that would put the guys through the wringer to see if they were "husband material" or not. This included six different challenges — from changing diapers, vacuuming, unclogging sinks, setting a dinner table, and bringing their woman flowers.

"I'm going to make a bold prediction at this point. I don't think Rachel's guy is in this group, that's my bold prediction," Kutcher told the cameras. Kunis, on the other hand, pointed out that this was just the second date, that you can't rush things, and that there was still plenty of time.

"I knew on day one," Kutcher responded, not missing a beat, leaving Kunis temporarily stunned and speechless.

This clip shows Lindsay and the guys meeting Kutcher and Kunis:

This clip shows the challenge itself and the aftermath:


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