Watch Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, And James Corden Sing About The Struggles Of Dad Life

"When I talk about my baby, girl, I don't mean you. I mean my literal baby."

James Corden is back at it again with another brilliant skit on The Late Late Show. 

This time, he's joined by fellow dads Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson. The pair stopped by to promote their new Netflix comedy The Ranch, on which they play brothers who work on their dad's farm. 

Being a good brother may be tough, but it's nothing compared to being a good father. And this band of celeb dads is here to make sure we know it. Corden, Kutcher, and Masterson show up on stage donning hip outfits and baby carriers complete with fake babies. Their lyrics are exactly what you'd expect from a band that calls themselves the "Puff Daddies."

"I don't play games, except for Peek-a-boo," they sing. "When I talk about my baby, girl, I don't mean you. I mean my literal baby." 

They may not go to the movies or know what's on Top 40 radio right now, but at least they've got this song.

"I'm never at the club, but I'm up all night long. My kid hates bedtime and wakes up at dawn," they sing. "So all I need is you girl, and a lot more sleep. Just hold my hand when we cross the street." 

Don't worry, they've got the embarrassing dad dance moves to go along with it. 


Check them out in the brilliant sketch below:

Want more Kutcher and Masterson in your life? Check out The Ranch when it premieres on Netflix April 1st.

Disclaimer: Ashton Kutcher is the co-founder and chairman of the board of A Plus.


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