Mila Kunis 'Kicked Ashton Kutcher's Ass On Character,' Reminding Him Dads Don't Deserve Praise For Just Being Parents

"I thought I was awesome because I got up early and helped with the kids before she woke up."

Just in case you need another reminder that dads don't deserve praise for just being parents, Ashton Kutcher is here to tell you about his own reality check. 

Recently, Kutcher was awarded with the Robert D. Ray Pilliar of Character Award which is presented to "individuals who demonstrate good character and provide leadership and inspiration." During his acceptance speech, Kutcher spoke at length about what it means to possess good character. He dedicated the award to his family, and shared that his wife, Mila Kunis, has been a positive example to him when it comes to showcasing outstanding character. The pair have two children together — 2-year-old Wyatt and 4-month-old Dimitri

"I'm telling you, this morning, I woke up, and she kicked my ass on character," Kutcher said about Kunis. "I thought I was awesome because I got up early and helped with the kids before she woke up, and I let her sleep a little bit and then she's like, 'Well, now you're gonna act tired? I do it every day.' But it was a character moment, right? Because she's right!"


And she is. Too often, fathers are given a disproportionate amount of praise for average parenting in comparison to mothers. In addition, Kutcher points out that behavior is a terrible way to gift give. 

"That's a kind of jerk way to give something to someone. 'Oh, I worked so hard to give you this gift,'" he said. "She kicks my ass on [character] every single day and she's the best for it." 

Kutcher also took the opportunity to share how becoming a father has changed him. 

"The greatest, greatest lesson in character in my life are my kids," he said. "When I had these kids, my wife and I had these kids, and we got to share that amazing, amazing, amazing honor, my first response was, I wanted to call my parents and say, 'I'm sorry, because I never knew how much you loved me.'" 

You can watch Kutcher's entire 16 minute speech below. Skip to 13:00 to catch his remarks on his wife and kids. 

Full Disclosure: Ashton Kutcher is co-founder and chairman of the board of A Plus.

Cover image via Everett Collection / Shutterstock 


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