Ashton Kutcher's Analysis Of Donald Trump's Twitter Habits Is Actually Super-Relevant Advice For Us All

"It's like a giant broadcasting system."

Katy Perry may have been the first person to reach 100 million followers on Twitter this year, but it was Ashton Kutcher who, back in 2009, was the first to top 1 million followers. So, given his extensive experience on the social media platform, Stephen Colbert couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask the actor if he had any Twitter advice for President Donald Trump's habits.


Like it or not, President Trump has us all clinging to every 140-character message. While some are probably in full support of what the leader of the free world puts out into the Twittersphere, some are decidedly not. So, the 39-year-old had some words of wisdom — that, surprisingly, we can all take to heart — on the latest episode of The Late Show.

In addition to talking about all of his stint in Georgia while wife Mila Kunis was filming a new movie, tech entrepreneurship, and the latest season of Netflix's The Ranch, Kutcher highlighted just how much Twitter has changed over the years. He said that it was once a platform you could put a "fragile idea" out into the universe to get "high-quality feedback and then amend it," thereby seeing that original view evolve and improve. This, of course, was before the platform blew up and became something followed by the media.

"Now it's a broadcasting system — it's like a giant broadcasting system — and so I think that his tweets would have done a lot better five years ago when you could share an idea that wasn't fully baked," Kutcher explained. "Honestly, I'm not saying that wholly judgmentally, but I kinda feel like emotions can get the best of you when you have that big of a megaphone, and sometimes it's better to mull it over a bit."

This is actually a concept that should be remembered in the real world and not just on Twitter. The adage is to "think before you speak," so now we just have to think before we tweet. It's an age-old practice that just needs to be adopted to a new, technology-focused way of life.

Check out Colbert's full interview with Kutcher here:

Ashton Kutcher is co-founder and chairman of the board at A Plus.


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