Photographer Creates Animated GIFs To Show How Much Retouching Goes Into Commercial Photography

Dive into the artificial world.

You know all those glitzy magazine ads that portray some alternate universe where everyone is ripped and has a beautiful skin? 

We all do. We also know that it's the end result of skillful Photoshop adjustments.

Ashot Gevorkyan, a photographer and retoucher based in Russia, created a series of animated GIFs to show how composite images are made. With the gifs, Gevorkyan gives examples from both the final results and the making-of, revealing the staggering amount of post-production needed to get those flawless shots.


Final result.

The making-of. Watch how the girl in the back's expression changes.

Final result.

The making-of. Her red bra was a no-go.

Final result.

The making-of. They weren't in the desert -- and they didn't even pose at the same time.

Final result.

The making-of. There were no birds, no waves and definitely no mermaid tail.

Final result.

The making-of. Look how the two dancers in the back change their pose.

Final result.

The making-of. Notice the model's left foot changes.

Final result.

The making-of. There was no drama before Photoshop.

To see more of Ashot Gevorkyan's work, please visit his website and check out his Behance page.

(H/T: PetaPixel)

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