This Girl Went Shopping For Senior Prom, But A Dress And A Pair Of Shoes Were Not On Her List

Talk about unselfish.

Meet 17-year-old Ashley Yong from Chicago. Last month was Yong's senior prom, so she decided to do a little shopping for the occasion.


But she had a different idea in mind than her classmates. Instead of visiting fancy clothing shops, Yong visited Costco and Walmart.

She bought a bunch of everyday supplies like water, toothbrushes and bandaids, and she sorted them out into 20 cardboard boxes. Then, she did something great.

Ashley told A Plus that the idea of helping the homeless was born back in December, when she started thinking about her senior prom. Her dad wasn't going to pay for the event, so she had to scrape together the money herself ($145 for the tickets, plus money for a dress, shoes, hair and whatnot).

After trying to save up and avidly browsing Pinterest for prom looks inspiration, Yong says the entire endeavor started to feel pretty vain.

Even if prom is seen as the pinnacle of every girl's high school experience, I thought it was all a bit silly. That's when I set my plan to ditch prom and help the homeless into motion.

The people she helped were incredibly kind and grateful. Some were shocked and others simply didn't know how to thank her.

Watch the full video below.

"The reason I filmed myself assembling the boxes is to show how easy it all is. I'm a high-schooler with no job, car or really anything I own to sustain myself. Giving isn't hard and it most definitely is not impossible," Yong said. 

Yong started a GoFundMe campaign and raised another $200 to repeat her project in the summer. Asked if she felt even just a little bit sad about missing her senior prom, Yong replied: "No night of dancing or glamour could ever compare to the experience I got distributing the boxes. I did not have a single shred of regret in me."

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