New York City Firefighters Adopt Adorable Pit Bull Rescued From Crack House

Meet Ashley, the newest member of FDNY. She even has an Instagram account.


A pit bull who was left abandoned for at least two days in a New York City crack house in the middle of winter has been adopted by firefighters.

Ashley was discovered by Erica Mahnken and Michael Favor, animal rescuers from the No More Pain rescue service, who responded to a call earlier this year and found the pup — who just turned a year old — covered in cigarette burns with no food or water, CBS News reports.

The couple — who are engaged — had no place to house Ashley, so they asked some friends at a Lower East Side fire station known as Fort Pitt if they'd take her in.

Within days, the firefighters decided to adopt the dog, whom they had nicknamed "Ash."

"My heart wants to explode," Mahnken told CBS News of Ashley's adoption. "Everyone's so quick to judge a dog, especially a dog you don't know where it came from or what kind of person they are and what kind ... It is very satisfying."

The firefighters have created an Instagram page for the personality-plus pooch. We're including some of our favorite pics here:

If you're looking to get an animal companion, we urge you to seek out adoption or rescue shelters. 

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