This Woman With Down Syndrome Is Ecstatic When Her Boyfriend Gives Her A Promise Ring

"It's a ring! I'm going to be married!"

Love comes in many different forms. It doesn't matter the kind of relationship, the length of it, or the people involved, one thing that remains universal is the joy that comes with celebrating love by making a commitment to each other.

A couple with Down syndrome recently exemplified this. Danny Griffiths had some extra special plans for his girlfriend Ashley Greenhalgh's 21st birthday and high school graduation party. 


Griffiths had a promise ring for her.

Greenhalgh's sister, Courtney, uploaded the heartwarming video of the ring exchange to Facebook. She explained how Griffiths and Greenhalgh talk about getting married but know it isn't quiet the right time yet. However, Griffiths still wanted to show his commitment to his girlfriend, so he saved up to get her a promise ring, which he presented at a family luncheon.

Hearing about all of the hard work and careful planning that went into the surprise is uplifting, but it is Greenhalgh's reaction to the ring that really makes the video.

Greenhalgh is excited for the stuffed bear Griffiths gave her, but she simply cannot contain her happiness when she sees the ring. She puts her hands over her mouth and cries, "It's a ring! I'm going to be married!"

The sweet video has clearly struck a chord with all of the romantics out there. Since it was uploaded to Facebook on June 25, it has been viewed over 924,000 times, and it going viral.

Facebook users have also started commenting about how the video is a wonderful thing to watch. One wrote, "I cried watching this ... I love it."

You can clearly see the love between Greenhalgh and Griffiths in the video. It doesn't matter that they aren't ready to tie the knot just yet. Their commitment to each other is obvious and so is their true love.

(H/T: Yahoo)


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