Ashley Graham On Why She's More Than 'The Number Inside Her Pants'

"Here comes the kind, generous, amazing, humble Ashley Graham!"

Ashley Graham, model and body positivity advocate, is often referred to as "plus size." But in a recent interview with Chelsea Handler, Graham explains why she refuses to be defined by the number on her pants, and why she believes labels are divisive.

"When you say, 'oh, she is a talk show host,' or she is a 'plus size woman' or she is 'of color ...' there's always a label that has to be put on women and makes us divide," Graham says. "So for me, in my situation, why do we have to present who I am because [of] the number inside of my pants?"

And Graham isn't the only public figure who's spoken out about the pitfalls of defining women based on their body type. In April, Amy Schumer talked with Jimmy Fallon about disliking the term "plus size" after being labeled as such in a magazine.

Echoing those sentiments, Graham puts it simply: "I am more than my size," she tells Handler, emphasizing how she aims to be kind, generous and giving.

"Here comes the kind, generous, amazing, humble Ashley Graham!" she suggests people say.

You can check out the interview in the clip below:


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