If You Have These Traits, You Might Be A Psychopath

Are you cunning and manipulative?

"Do you think you know someone who might be a psychopath?" ask Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown in their latest ASAPThought episode. "Or could YOU be a psychopath, and not even know it?" 

The two go on to explain that psychopaths are not necessarily violent and name a few identifying traits common among psychopaths:


1. Cunning and manipulative

2. Superficial charm

3. A high sense of self-worth

4. Lacks feelings of guilt or remorse

5. Little control over their behavior

In the episode, Greg goes on to explain: 

Psychopaths activities are almost always goal-oriented to obtain more wealth, more status or more power, and some cases sexual opportunities. This makes sense, as CEOs actually exhibit the highest proportion of psychopathic traits compared to all other careers. Think about it — It'd be much easier to push everyone out of the way when climbing the corporate ladder if you were a psychopath.

To learn more about the traits of a psychopath, watch this:

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