Does Having A Wingman Really Improve Your Chances Of Landing A Date?

Is it better to fly solo?

Dating can be very confusing and sometimes it takes having a good friend by your side to make the experience bearable. Just like pilots who keep a watchful eye on another aircraft in the sky, a wingman can be used in dating to help things along.

While this can give an added sense of security, it can also make things a bit tricky.

Does having a wingman hurt more than it helps?


In order to determine if using the buddy system is actually worth it, AsapSCIENCE compared typical bar pickups to other mating strategies in the animal kingdom. 

As it explains in the video, relying on someone else to make a love connection has different results, depending on the motivation for why the companion is helping out. They also explain how men and women use their friends differently while navigating the dating scene.

Ultimately, they point out, there is some one-size-fits-all advice to keep in mind while looking for love.

Check out the full explanation here:

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