The Simple Way To Get The Most Pizza For Your Dollar Every Time

And you thought you'd never use algebra again.

It is a scientific fact that pizza is delicious. Okay, maybe that's not a fact, but it's a good general rule that you shouldn't trust anyone who doesn't like it. With all of the endless toppings and flavor combination possibilities, there's only one real problem with pizza: figuring out how to get the most pizza for your dollar.

To the untrained eye, it may seem like getting the biggest pizza bang for your buck is to just buy it on whichever day your local pizza joint is having a special, but that might be misleading. The reason? We've been taught to think about pizza sizes the wrong way.


We may all know that saying a pizza is small, medium, or large is pretty arbitrary, but even thinking about a pizza's diameter can be a bit deceptive. After all, a 12" pizza is twice as much as a 6" pie, right? Not really.

Fortunately, AsapSCIENCE has set the record straight by teaching us a simple equation that lets you know how much pizza you're actually getting and what the best deal is going to be. Don't get freaked out, the math is much easier than you think and it's also foolproof to remember.

Without further ado, learn the one equation that is going to change everything:

And there we have the mathematical proof of what we already suspected: when it comes to pizza, bigger really is better. 

Buying the bigger pizza isn't just the better value, you also get all of that glorious cold pizza the next day!

Cover image: ChameleonsEye/Shutterstock


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