What If All The Ice On Earth Melted?

Bill Nye has the answer.

One of the surest ways we can see climate change happening is by how much polar ice has been melting. Rising sea levels and warming waters are already displacing people and affecting wildlife and it's only expected to get worse. 

We may often talk about the ice shrinking, but we don't often think about what would happen if all the world's ice melted completely. What would the Arctic look like? How would wildlife react to this new environment? What are some of the less-obvious consequences that would occur?

As always, Bill Nye has the answer.


The Science Guy recently made a guest appearance on AsapSCIENCE to talk about the devastation of the Arctic and what would happen if the ice disappeared completely. 

While the video touches on expected concerns such as displacing people from coastlines, it's still an incredible reality check to see the actual scope of the problem. Nye also brings up a concern that not many of us have previously considered: how the problem is being exploited by industrialization.

Check out what would happen here:


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