Jason Derulo Told This 'SYTYCD' Contestant That His 'Hebrew Break Dancing' Could Change The World

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Asaf Goren isn't the typical person you probably picture when you hear the term "breakdancer." Goren, a self-described "Hebrew breaker" who auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance on June 15, is originally from Tel Aviv, Israel. He is creating a new street style of dance all his own, a style that honors his culture and the roots of breakdancing at the same time. Instead of a boombox and a baseball cap, Goren brought a shofar (an instrument made from a ram's horn that's traditionally blown at Jewish ceremonies) and a prayer shawl with when he came before the SYTYCD judges to show off skills. 

Goren began his performance by covering his face with the shawl and tooting out a beat on the shofar, before discarding both props and getting down to business. At first, Nigel Lythgoe, Jason Derulo and Paula Abdul had a hard time taking him seriously. But when Goren showed them the moves he's capable of, all three of the judges were blown away by his talent and originality. Nigel in particular was impressed by a dive Goren used to open his audition: the dancer jumped face-first toward the floor, pulling into a roll at the very last moment. 


Paula complimented his personality and told him that he definitely surprised all the judges. But it was Jason who had the greatest praise of all. He told Goren, "You're a star. I believe you're going to create something that's special, that can change the world." Wow, now that's a compliment. Of course, Goren made it through to the next round of the show.

Watch his entire audition below:

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Photo credit: Adam Rose/FOX


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