It Will Be A While Before You Notice Every Last Detail In Kerby Rosanes' Art

Take a look.

Kerby Rosanes, 24, is a Philippines-based illustrator whose finely detailed sketches force viewers to get lost in a world of shapes, figures and impeccable details.

Using just pen and ink, Rosanes' images feature ferocious dinosaurs, fantastical wildlife, and even some of our favorite characters from popular culture.


"I always want to inspire other people, especially young artists, to make the most of their imaginative skills..."

"...Some of my works are based on nature subjects so from time to time, I also [want] to create art that tackles environmental issues," Rosanes tells A Plus in an email.

Rosanes says that his art is motivated from an array of different inspirations: other artists he admires, music, nature, personal experiences, cartoons from his childhood, and more. 

He also adds that people relate his work to Studio Ghibli movies, "probably because movies by Hayao Miyazaki are what I really enjoy watching the most."

In addition to drawing pen on paper, Rosanes has practiced using leaves as a medium, and says he enjoys the challenge. Plus, "since most of my subjects are based on nature, drawing on leaves is something very significant."

Rosanes says turning art into a career is something he has wanted to do since a young age. He started drawing at just five years old, and when he turned seven, his mother bought him art supplies.

The rest is history.

Now, Rosanes has a published coloring book, "Animorphia: An Extreme Colouring and Search Challenge" and a Kickstarter campaign for a new project, "Tiga," a collection of sketchbooks that combine Rosanes talents with two other Southeast Asian artists. Each book features an artist's work alongside blank space for new artists to create their own art.

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For more, visit Rosanes' websiteInstagram, and shop.

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