Comic Perfectly Captures The BS Women Have To Put Up With In The Summer

We just can't win.

The sweltering summer heat is always a welcome respite from the chilly months (especially if you live somewhere with extreme seasonal weather), but for many women, the term "suns out, buns out" brings with it a whole set of issues to deal with

In one effortless illustration, artist Kendrawcandraw highlighted the double standards that women face in the summer. Aptly titled "Why. Summer edition," the artist succinctly showed what it's like to be a woman trying to enjoy the heat.

Society deems it acceptable for men to dress and groom how they please and let it all hang out while they bask in the sun. But for women, it's a different ball game altogether. Want to go topless? Nope, female breasts, intended to provide sustenance for newborn babies, are too sexy and vulgar. Want to air your unshaved underarms? Gross, women shouldn't have body hair! Want to dress for the summer heat? Catcallers will not leave you alone. Cover up all your body parts? Even that can't escape judgment.

It's an accurate and frustrating reality that many women, sadly, aren't unfamiliar with. 

See the full illustration here:


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