Photo Series Depicting America's Favorite Cartoons As Battered Women Will Chill You To The Core

Not everyone gets a happy ending.

November 25 is "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women" and last March artist Alexsandro Palombo marked the occassion in an eye-opening way.

The illustrator, previously known for his work showing cartoons as breast cancer survivors and who calls himself an activist, depicted some of America's favorite cartoon women battered and beaten. The series, titled "Coward," shows the iconic women — from The Simpsons' Marge to the Disney princesses — holding an image of their abuser's face.

As a man, Palombo wanted to resurface the photos to send a powerful message to men who abuse their partners. He uses art to do so.

"Thousands of women are killed every year all over the world. Femicide is an unacceptable social issue," he wrote in an email to A+. "As a man, I feel ashamed of the behaviors of those who use violence against women. These beings are not men but cowards. It's up to real men to persecute and fight these cowards."


Palombo isn't alone when it comes to men piping up against domestic violence. Last month, the NFL particpated in a "No More" campaign to end victim-blaming. 

With 1 in 4 women abused by their partners, many people are still not getting the picture. Palombo hopes these illustrations help make the message loud and clear.

"I use the cartoon characters because they have accompanied each of us in the past and they still belong to our contemporary pop culture, I transform them to tell new stories, to bring them closer to the reality in which we live," he told A+.


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