Artist's Impressive Way Of Painting On Water Has Us Mesmerized

Incredibly beautiful.

Sean Yoro, aka Hula, has created stunning works of portraiture against abandoned concrete walls that touch down elegantly on the water's edge.

"One of the exciting things about painting portraits is being able to bring life and emotion to objects and surfaces that were once without. Also, these figures just seem to match with the moods. A mysterious surreal combination," Yoro told CNN.


Yoro, who grew up in Hawaii and is now based in New York, says in a video documentary that the water is one aspect of his life that's never changed. 

"It's like a foundation that keeps me balanced and sane," he adds.

So Yoro sits upon a surfboard with his paints by his side, and composes his art in (what appears to be) the most peaceful, creative locations found in nature.

And the results are incredible...

"I chose the locations because they reminded me of ghost towns needing to breathe life again," Yoro explains in an article for The Huffington Post.

"[These] figures seemed lost in these structures, almost out of place."

Moreover, Yoro says his portraits feature meaningful Hawaiian tribal patterns placed like tattoos on the women's faces.  

"They represented the unique scars from life we all have and carry with us. I wanted to show how people interact to their scars and, more importantly, the beauty and importance of them," he says.

"This piece was inspired by the silence beneath the surface of the water, when all you can hear is your heartbeat as everything else fades away," Yoro writes on Instagram in regards to the portrait below.

Continue below for more of Yoro's work.

And be sure to watch the full documentary:

Be sure to follow HULA on Instagram and check out his website for a complete collection.



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