11 Disney Animals Re-Imagined As Humans

Hakuna Matata!

When you think of a your childhood heroes, you may not think of people with arms, legs or skin colors. Instead, you may think of animals, like a lion who conquered the evil villain, or dogs who fell in love with one another over a plate of spaghetti or even hysterical yet misguided hyenas. 

But what if they were human? What would they look like?

Although humanizations of characters have been tackled by the art world, an artist (and Disney fan) who goes by Pugletto decided to re-imagine the Disney animals as humans her own way for a very important reason.

"You'll oftentimes find humanizations of animals aren't necessarily depicted as people of color," she told A Plus in an interview. "Disney has such a range of characters from all over, I always thought it was unrealistic to think that, if given a human counterpart, these characters wouldn't be reflective of the world we live in today with all of the culture we see and participate in."

A culture of all races. 

From Simba to Baloo, check out your heroes re-imaged as humans:


Simba from 'The Lion King'

The Duchess and Thomas O'Malley from 'The Aristocats'

Tramp And Lady from 'Lady and The Tramp'

Baloo and Bagheera from 'The Jungle Book'

The hyenas from 'The Lion King'

Scar from 'The Lion King'

If you like Pugletto's art, head over to her Patreon page to buy a few.

All "before" images of Disney animals via YouTube.


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