By Competing On 'American Ninja Warrior' With A Prosthetic Leg, This Man Taught Us The Meaning Of Determination

"There is no quit in that man."

American Ninja Warrior is one of the most grueling physical contests in television history, requiring an intense blend of balance, upper body strength, a firm grip, and sharp mental focus. It's a tall order for even the most astute athletes and especially challenging for someone with a physical disability.

Artis Thompson III, affectionately known in the ANW community as AT3, lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident and competes with a prosthetic. This makes the already-demanding course much more challenging since he can't feel the ground beneath him or turn his foot to help him grip obstacles or correct his landing. 

He first competed on the show in 2015, but fell on the rolling log, which was the third obstacle at the Houston city qualifiers. His strength of spirit was so incredible, he was a fan favorite when he showed up at the Oklahoma City qualifiers in 2016. 

The third obstacle in the OKC course was the Log Runner, with a series of horizontal spinning logs that work like a bridge. He lost his footing as he approached the second log and fell forward.


It appeared that history was going to repeat itself and he was going to go out on the third obstacle again, but he dug deep and found the tenacity to get up and keep moving forward. It was an inspiring display of athleticism and resolve, even if it meant taking an unconventional approach to the obstacle.

"There is no quit in that man," one of the announcers cheered. "Look at that!" 

AT3's run ended in a standing ovation and was praised as the "run of the night."

See his inpiring run here:

Hopefully AT3 will be back in 2017 to keep inspiring us to tackle our own obstacles, no matter what.

(H/T: Huffington Post)


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