This Self-Taught Artist Draws In The Negative. The Results Will Completely Wow You.

We're positive these negatives impress.

Liam York is completely self-taught artist from the United Kingdom.


At just 20 years old, he creates captivating portraits of some of the most interesting people and characters in history. On his Facebook page, he says drawing is a "place to getaway."

Additionally, York has mastered the art of drawing in the negative. 

But though his portraits may look off-color at first glance, by inverting the image through Adobe Photoshop tools, he is able to make them suddenly appear photorealistic. 

From Marilyn Monroe to Robin Williams and Jimi Hendrix, these impeccably drawn works of art are both fascinating and impressive.

"I wanted to draw something photorealistic and iconic... [Something] that everyone will know, but wouldn't recognize at first sight," York tells A+.

York began developing his craft by looking at various techniques from different people in the industry, like artist Dino Tomic.

On what inspires him, York says: "Iconic figures, movies or TV shows, [and] things I enjoy or have had a memorable impact in my life."

And then he puts it all down on paper. 

"I have always wanted to become an artist. From the time I've picked up a pencil, I've drawn. But at the moment I'm not sure where my artistic route is going." 

Additionally, York says he'd like to become an apprentice to a tattoo artist while drawing original work on the side. 

"So I'll have to keep my chin up and keep pushing forward and get to a place where I want to be," York says.

Check out more of York's work below:

This time-lapse video shows York taking a break from drawing in the negative to create a beautiful portrait of Lauren Bacall with extreme precision.

In total, it took him 25 hours and 34 minutes to complete the drawing. And the whole thing seems effortless. 

The finished product looks like it could be a photograph:

Find more of York's work on his website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

(H/T: Reddit)


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