Around The World In 3 Years

The Modern Motorcycle Diaries

Adventurer Alex Chacon spent three years riding his motorcycle across the globe.


Before launching out, Chacon sold all his earthly possessions — his car, TV and clothes and set off from his hometown of El Paso Texas with nothing but what he could carry on his motorcycle. For the next 3 years he rode across the world.

He rode over 125,000 miles and crossed more than 75 borders. Here he is at The Wave in Arizona.

He visited more than 36 countries and took 360 degree selfies in exotic locations all over the planet. Here he is in the Himalayas in India.

He traveled to Athens, Greece.

And to the Atacama desert in Chile.

And the Wahiba Sands in Oman.

And dozens of other places around the world.

On one leg of his journey he took a 500 day trip from Alaska to Argentina and back, to raise money for children in Uganda.

Watch his breathtaking video below, called The Modern Motorcycle Diaries.

Check out Chacon's website, The Modern Motorcycle Diaries for more videos, pictures, and other details about his adventures. You can also fine him on Instagram and Facebook.

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