Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Great Advice For J.J. Watt Following Texans' Tough Wild Card Loss

"You didn't lose today and I'll tell you why."

Over the weekend, the Houston Texans took on the Kansas City Chiefs in a wild card game vying for a spot in the AFC playoffs. Despite playing on their home turf, the Texans were shut out by the Chiefs, with an astonishing 30-0 final score.

It was a disappointing end to the season, to be sure, but perhaps nobody took it harder than defensive end J.J. Watt

In a post-game interview, Watt noted that while the Texans did have some incredible moments throughout the season, "this league's about winning championships and we didn't win a championship, so it's a disappointment."

 Though his performance during the game wasn't as solid as what we're used to seeing from him, the loss was far from his fault. Nevertheless, he bore the brunt of responsibility when addressing his fans directly on Facebook after the game:


Whether or not you root for the Texans, it's hard not to root for Watt. Without a doubt, he's one of the hardest working defenders in the entire NFL.

Many of his fans replied to his post, telling him he had nothing to be sorry about and they still support him. Nearly 35,000 comments flooded in, offering condolences and telling him to keep his chin up.

One of the most incredible messages of support came from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who recorded a 29-second-long message to Watt explaining that while the Chiefs may have won the game, the Texans certainly weren't losers.

Here's a transcript of Arnold's brilliant message:

"Hey J.J.! You and the Texans are fantastic! Just remember one thing: you didn't lose today and I'll tell you why. Because losers stay down. And I know you and the Texans, you always get up. That's why you're winners and you always will be winners. So get going again. Get up. Put some fire under this team and march forward. Hasta la vista, baby."

Can he please start doing locker room pep talks during halftime? 

After a speech like that, it's going to be hard to keep the Texans down. The NFL postseason is a cruel mistress and it's anybody's guess what will happen. Rest up, J.J. You and your boys have work to do next season. We'll be rooting for you!


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