This Sign Ariel Winter Posted Reveals Everything That's Wrong With School Dress Codes

Female students deserve respect.

Ariel Winter is teaching the Internet about the unintended consequences of dress codes and why schools need to let them go.

It began last week when the 18-year-old Modern Family star posted an Instagram photo of a sign addressing the detrimental impact of a strict dress code. This sign was yet another brilliant example of students protesting a barbaric clothing policy in school.

"When you interrupt a girl's school day to force her to change clothes, or send her home because her shorts are too short or her bra straps are visible, you are telling her that making sure boys have a 'distraction free' learning environment is more important than her education," the sign reads. "Instead of shaming girls for their bodies, teach boys that girls are not sexual objects."


Winter's Instagram post went viral and a widespread discussion followed. Some users opposed the sign's message, but most praised the sign for shedding light on this important subject.

Winter is no stranger to starting important conversations about body image. A few months ago, while on the red carpet, she refused to cover up her scars from breast reduction surgery.

The message from the sign is clear — a school's dress policy should respect the needs of their female students.

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(H/T: Mic)


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