Ariana Grande's Mom Joan Posts A Heartfelt Message Of Love For Demi Lovato

"We are there for her in any way."

Support has poured in for Demi Lovato since she was reportedly hospitalized for a possible drug overdose earlier this week. On Wednesday, Joan Grande, mom of fellow singer Ariana Grande, added her own voice to the mix by posting a message on Twitter.


"I hope and pray that she recovers quickly and finds sobriety again," Grande wrote of Lovato, adding, "We are there for her in any way." She explained how Lovato supported her son Frankie on his own journey toward sobriety, and how she has has supported Ariana by "sharing her experiences with the fame and celebrity and notoriety of growing up in a very public space."

Grande went on to implore those reading to show kindness and "try to remember that we are ALL human and no one is better than the other." She also encouraged fans to "not amplify negativity by repeating it" and avoid competition between fan bases. 

"Do not pit one person's achievements against another, why not just celebrate the achievement?" she asked, acknowledging that "it's work, but honestly, what is worth having that you didn't work for?"

Ariana shared her mother's post on her own Twitter account soon after, calling it "beautiful" and encouraging her fans to read it.

Joan Grande wasn't the only famous mom to share kind words for Lovato, who is "awake and with her family," according to a rep. Selena Gomez's mother Mandy Teefey shared an Instagram photo of Lovato and Gomez at Gomez's sixteenth birthday party, which took place 10 years ago.

"The world is a better place because of these infectious smiles," Teefey wrote to caption the happy photo, adding, "My heart hurts."

Last month, Lovato revealed in a song called "Sober" that she had relapsed after six years of sobriety. It's clear that she has plenty of support in her road to recovery. 

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